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2008---CMB Achievements and Honors
January, in the "Result Release on the 2008 Survey of Preferred Brands Names of Chinese millionaires" held by Chinese Hurun Report, China Merchants Bank won the awards of "The Most Favorite RMB Wealth Management Bank" and "The Most Favorite Credit Card Issuer for the rich people" for the fourth year.
January, Euromoney recognized China Merchants Bank as "The Best Banking Institution in China Rank Number One" and "The Best Banking Institution in Asia Rank Number Three" in the selection of "Asia's Best Companies for 2008".
March 5, Global Finance named China Merchants Bank as the winner of "The Best Corporate Governance Award" and "The Best Bank Credit Card Award".
March 21, for six consecutive years, China Merchants Bank was voted as one of "China's Most Respected Enterprises" in the annual survey jointly conducted by two prominent organizations in China, Peking University Management Case Study Center and the Economic Observer.
June 4, the company was awarded the honor of "China's Best Domestic Bank" by Asia Money.
July 25, China Merchants Bank is named as one of the "Asia's 200 Most Admired Companies" by The Wall Street Journal, and ranked the second place among the top ten in China.
December, a British Magazine Investor Relations has granted China Merchants Bank six awards, including "The Best Investor Relations Award", "The Best Corporate Governance Award" and all awards relating to state-owned enterprises both in 2007 and 2008.
December 3, Finance Asia named China Merchants Bank "The Best Management Company", "The Best Corporate Governance", and " The Best Investor Relationship company".
December 29, at the 2008 award ceremony organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Directors, China Merchants Bank won the "Outstanding Directors Award for 2008" in three categories regarding non Hang Seng Index Constituents. The Board of Directors of the company was granted the "Outstanding Board of Directors Awards For 2008". While Qin Xiao, Chairman of the company, won the "Outstanding Non-Executive Directors Award for 2008," and Ma Weihua, President and CEO of the company, won the "Outstanding Executive Directors Award for 2008".