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2005---CMB Achievements and Honors
April 29
The China Merchants Bank was voted the first-place winner for customer satisfaction by 24.8 percent of the respondents to the Bank Sector Service Quality Survey jointly conducted by the Digit 100 Marcket Research Co., Ltd. and the Financial Channel.
April 28
The list of award winners of the "2005 Best Call Center in China" was unveiled, and the Telephone Banking Center of the China Merchants Bank was given the award of "2005 Best Call Center in China," and Mr. Tang Zhihong, CMB President Assistant, was given the award of "2005 Best Client Service Leader." These awards were jointly sponsored by the Client Relations Commission of China Federation of IT Promotion under the Ministry of Information Industry, Client Relations Management College of CTI Forum, and the 2005 China International Call Center and Client Relations Management Conference.
April 26
The list of final winners of "2004 Most Respected Enterprises in China" was unveiled in Peking University. The China Merchants Bank was among the 20 winners and it has been the fourth year in a row that the CMB is given this honor.These awards were sponsored by the Peking University Management Case Research Center and the newspaper "Economic Observer."
April 23
Guangdong Province marked its "2005 Entrepreneur Day" that morning at Guangzhou Zhudao Hotel, where Mr. Ma Weihua, CMB President, was successfully voted "2005 Excellent Entrepreneur of Guangdong Province."
April 15
The awarding ceremony of "2004 King of Kings for Communication in China" was held at Beijing International Convention Center. This award, jointly sponsored by the "Manager" magazine, the College of Journalism and Communications of Communication University of China , the Advertisement Herald magazine, and the Advertisement Department of the China Central Television, was the first and only award to honor the achievements made by communication institutions in the country. The China Merchants Bank won the "Award for Best Client Relations of the Year."
In April, the China Merchants Bank was honorably included in the "2005 List of Top Charitable Enterprises in China" released in "Hurun 2005 China Charity Report."
March 12
The Banker magazine and China Commercial Bank Competitiveness Research Center jointly released in Beijing their rank list of Chinese commercial banks in terms of competitiveness. The China Merchants Bank sits on the top of the list of overall competitiveness that includes 14 state-owned commercial banks and joint stock commercial banks. The bank was also rated the first in terms of service quality competitiveness, financial innovation competitiveness and corporate administration competitiveness.
In March, China Merchants Bank President Ma Weihua was selected as "2004 Star of Promise" by a British magazine The Banker. Ma was the first Chinese banker ever given this honor. It is also learned that he was listed side-by-side with Alan Greenspan, Warren Edward Buffett, as well as high-ranking executives from the Citibank, Goldman Sachs Bank, Bank of America, and Union Bank of Switzerland.
February 5
China Merchants Bank Vice President and Financial Director Chen Wei was elected "2004 China CFO of the Year" by the China CFO of the Year Selection Commission and the Event Organization Commission. The finalization went all the way through a multi-phase process consisting of nomination, eligibility verification by the Event Organization Commission, preliminary election, media bulletin, vote by the general public, in-depth interview, and vote by experts and financial reporters.
In February, the China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center was officially certified to meet the "National Call Center Operational Performance Standard" and became the first 5-star customer service center in the country.
January 24
The winners list of "2004 China Best CRM Application Award" was unveiled, and the China Merchants Bank was given China Best CRM Application Award - Best Bank.
"China Best CRM Application Award" is an annual selection activity organized by the Greater China CRM, generally viewed as the most authoritative institution for "customer relations management" (CRM) in Greater China. This organization has a total membership of more than 700,000 from over 100 countries and territories. The entire process goes through overall candidate listing, public and expert vote for top 10 in each industrial category, top three in each category's submission and presentation of successful cases to the judge penal, as well as seven rounds of strict screening in six months, to eventually yield "the best enterprise of the year" in each category.
January 24
The Internet Weekly included the China Merchants Bank in its "2004 China New Economy Top 10 Excellent Enterprises of the Year," and CMB President Ma Weihua was also voted "China New Economy Person of the Year."
Morning, January 24
The list of "2005 Top 100 Chinese Corporate Websites" was officially announced, and the China Merchants Bank was on top of the list. The World Manager Weekly, the World IT Laboratory and the World Commercial Telegraph, with Sina Technology providing exclusive media support, jointly sponsored this activity.
January 23
The press conference in honor of "2004 Top 10 Influential Brands in China" and the First Annual Summit on Brand Influence in China were held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The China Merchants Bank was included in the "2004 Top 10 Influential Brands in China."
January 16
The Award Ceremony for 2004 Guangdong Top 10 Economic Heroes was held today in the studio at Guangdong Provincial TV Station, graced by provincial leaders including Communist Party of China Provincial Commission Deputy Secretary Cai Dongshi. Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the Provincial State-owned Assets Commission, the Provincial Bureau of Medium and Small Enterprises, Guangdong Provincial TV Station and Yangcheng Evening Media Syndicate jointly sponsored this event. Based on three qualitative criteria of "creativity, influence and performance," the selection commission picked 20 out of 56 recommended candidates for media and on-line publication, and finalized the 2004 Guangdong Top 10 Economic Heroes. Ma Weihua, President China Merchants Bank, was among the winners.
The list of "2004 China Top 500 Enterprises for Informationization" was officially unveiled in Beijing. This selection event was sponsored by the State Informationization Evaluation Center, co-sponsored by China Information Society and the Internet Weekly. China Merchants Bank's name appears on the final list.
January 14
The first session of "Most Valued Chinese Enterprise for Employee Development" selection was officially concluded. The event, advocated by China Human Resource Hotline, a renowned HR website, eventually found China Merchants Bank as the winner of this title.
January 12
Hu Run, an institute known for its "Top 100 Richest " selection, held a press conference in Shanghai to officially announce the choices of the richest persons in the country – "Report on 2004 Chinese Billionaires' Brand Options Survey." Among the 18 awards set in this survey, the China Merchants Bank got "the most favored RMB financial service provider" and "the most favored bank credit card," the only brand bagging two awards at the same time.
January 10
Glebors Global Financial Reports, a prestigious overseas financial magazine, carried the list of "Most Promising Chinese Brands" prepared by Rynand (sound translation, pls find proper name) International Survey, a globally famous brand survey institute. The China Merchants Bank ranked the fourth in the list.
January 6
"Successful Marketing" Magazine and Cenozoic Era Market Survey Institute jointly unveiled their list of "2004 Top 10 Most Influential Brands in China," in which, the China Merchants Bank got the second place.