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2017---CMB Achievements and Honors

• On 1 February 2017, The Banker released The Top 500 Banking Brands. CMB ranked the 12th in the world with a brand value of USD14.269 billion, up by 1 place from 2016. On 3 July, The Banker released the ranking of Top 1000 World Banks of 2017, in which CMB ranked the 23rd in the world.

• On 22 February 2017, CMB was awarded the “Best Private Bank in China” by Euromoney. In this year’s China Private Banking Service Awards, and in addition to receiving the Best Private Bank in serving ultra-high net worth clients (i.e. more than USD30 million in investment assets), high-net-worth clients (USD5 million to USD30 million in investments assets) and super-wealthy clients (USD1 million to USD5 million), CMB also received a number of first prizes in respect of asset management, family offices, commercial banking services, investment banking services and technological innovation among all the peers in China, ranking the first in all niche markets.

• On 17 March 2017, in the selection campaign for “The International Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2017” organised by The Asian Banker, CMB was awarded the “Best Retail Bank in China” for the eighth time, and the “Best Joint Stock Retail Bank in China” for the 13th time.

• On 8 June 2017, at the International Awards Presentation Ceremony organized by The Asian Banker magazine, CMB was honored to receive six awards such as the “Best Joint Stock Transaction Bank in China”, “Best Joint Stock Cash Management Bank in China”, “Custodian Bank of the Year in China”, “Best Financial Supply Chain Management in China”, “Best Cash Management in China “and ”Best Treasury Shared Service Centre in China“.

• On 6 December 2017, CMB won the “Best Overall Private Bank in China” and “Best Joint Stock Private Bank in China” awards in 2017 again in the Award Programme of China Private Bank and Wealth Management organized by The Asian Banker magazine.

• On 5 June 2017, Caijing magazine released the list of the “Evergreen Award – the First Year’s Best Financial Institutions Selection”. CMB was awarded the “Best Annual Joint-stock Bank”, “Best Annual Credit Card Bank”, “Best Annual Asset Custodian Bank “and” Best Private Bank of the Year “.

• On 15 June 2017, in the “2017 China Financial Innovation Award” organized by The Chinese Banker, CMB was awarded the “Best Financial Innovation Award”. On 21 September 2017, at the Award Ceremony of China Commercial Bank Competitiveness Ranking for 2017 hosted by The Chinese Banker, CMB received four awards, namely “First Place in the Ranking of National Commercial Banks in Financial Appraisal”, “Third Place in the Ranking of National Commercial Banks in Core Competitiveness”, “Best Commercial Bank” and “Best Wealth Management Bank”.

• On 28 June 2017, at the release of “2016 Social Responsibility Report on China’s Banking Industry” and the Social Responsibility Award Ceremony held by the China Banking Association, CMB won the “Best Charity Contribution Award on Social Responsibility in China’s Banking Industry in 2016”.

• On 12 July 2017, CMB won all the seven awards of the “2017 All-Asia Strategy Management Team” from the U.S. financial magazine Institutional Investors.

• On 20 July 2017, the list of Fortune Global 500 was officially released. CMB was in the list for 6 consecutive years and ranked the 216th in 2017. On 31 July, CMB ranked the 30th in the Fortune China Top 500 list.

• On 21 November 2017, at the “China Star 2017” award ceremony held by Global Finance, CMB received three awards, namely the “Best Private Bank”, “Best Bank For Inter-generational Wealth Management” and “Best OBOR Initiative – Domestic”.

• On 7 December 2017, CMB was honored to receive two awards, namely the “Top 30 Employers of China for 2017” and the “Employer with the Most Female Attention of China for 2017” at the China Best Employer Awards Ceremony hosted by Zhilian Zhaopin.

• On 13 December 2017, CMB was awarded the “Annual Outstanding Credit Card Bank” by “2017 Financial Champions Award organised by”.

• On 22 December 2017, CMB was awarded the “Best Joint-Stock Bank of the Year” at the “2017 Gold Medal of China’s Financial Institutions - Gold Dragon Medal Ceremony” sponsored by the Financial Times.

• On 25 December 2017, CMB was awarded “China’s Leaders in Fintech: Best National Commercial Bank” in 2017 by Asian Currency.