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2007---CMB Achievements and Honors
January 11, on the survey of Preferred Brands of Chinese millionaires held by Chinese Hurun Report, China Merchants Bank has been recognized as the only bank among the Chinese banks as "The Most Favorite RMB Wealth Management Bank" and "The Most Favorite Credit Card Issuer for the rich people" for the three consecutive years up to 2007.
June 8, Asian Banker, in its Asia Pacific region award program of Retail and Financial Service Excellence, granted China Merchants Bank four awards, namely "The Best Retail Bank in China", "The Best Joint Stock Retail Bank in China", "The Online Banking Achievement Award in China", and "The Bank Card and Payment Achievement Award in China ".
July 17, Euromoney, in its 2007 Euromoney Excellence Award Program, named China Merchants Bank "The Best Bank in China of Year 2007".
August 28, in respect of the Chinese commercial bank competitiveness rankings organized by China's The Banker, China Merchants Bank received three awards, namely "The Best Commercial Bank 2006", "Highest Core Competitiveness Bank", and "Highest Financial Evaluation Bank".
September 28, the company was awarded the honor of "China's Best Domestic Cash Management Bank" by Asia Money and China Merchants Bank was the only domestic bank receiving this title.
December 6, a British Magazine Investor Relations granted China Merchants Bank six awards, including "The Best Investor Relations Award", "The Best Corporate Governance Award" and all awards relating to state-owned enterprises.