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2020---CMB Achievements and Honors

• On the list of “2020 Top 500 Banking Brands” released by The Banker (UK) in February 2020, CMB ranked the 9th with a brand value of USD22.884 billion.

• In March 2020, CMB won the “Best Credit Card Bank” and “Best Technology Innovation Award” at the ceremony for the “2020 China Retail Bank Awards” held by Asiamoney.

• In July 2020, CMB ranked the 17th, in terms of tier 1 capital, on the list of ”Top 1000 World Banks 2020” released by The Banker (UK), up by 2 places from the previous year and maintained in top 20 for three consecutive years.

• In July 2020, CMB was awarded the “Best Corporate Mobile Service Transaction Bank” and the “Best Technology Innovation Transaction Bank” at the Asiamoney “2020 China Bank of Excellent Transaction”.

• In July 2020, CMB received the award of “Best Bank in China” at the “2020 Awards for Excellence” ceremony staged by Euromoney once again.

• In July 2020, the list of Fortune China 500 was announced, on which CMB ranked the 38th in terms of operating income. In the following month, the list of Fortune Global 500 was released, on which CMB appeared for 9 consecutive years, ranking the 189th in terms of operating income.

• In August 2020, in the “2020 International Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards Program” organised by The Asian Banker, CMB was honored as the “Best Retail Bank in Asia-Pacific Region” and “The Best Wealth Management Bank in the Asia-Pacific Region”, and won the title of “Best Retail Bank in China” for the 11th time and the “Best Joint Stock Retail Bank in China” for the 16th time.

• In September 2020, in the “Excellent Listed Company by Ballot” organised by Asiamoney, CMB was honored as the “Best Listed Company in the Financial Industry in China”. In the same month, CMB won the “Best Corporate Finance and Investment Bank in China” and the “Best Financial Advisory Bank” awards in the selection of the “2020 Best Corporate Finance and Investment Bank in China” hosted by Asiamoney.

• In September 2020, Global Finance (US) released the 13th “Star of China” awards, on which CMB was recognized as the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Bank”.

• In November 2020, in the 15th “21st Century Asian Financial Competitiveness Rankings” hosted by the 21st Century Business Herald, CMB won the title of “2020 Asian Excellent Commercial Bank” and “2020 Bank of Brand-building Excellence”.

• In November 2020, The Banker (UK) and PWM announced the results of the selection of “2020 Global Private Bank”, CMB was awarded the “Best Private Bank in China”.

• In November 2020, CMB won several exceptional awards, i.e. the “National Employer with Outstanding Achievements”, “Top Three Best Employers”, “Most Socially Responsible Employer”, “Employer with Most Inspiring Anti-pandemic Spirit” and “Most Admired Employer by Women” at the awards ceremony for the “Best Employer in China 2020” jointly organised by and Institute of Social Science Survey, Peking University.

• In December 2020, the selection results were announced by The Banker (UK) at the “2020 Bank of the Year” global online awards ceremony, for which CMB was honored as the “Bank of the Year - China” and it was the second time CMB won the title since 2016.