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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Over the past 36 years, we have kept adapting to the changes in customers’ needs and the internal and external financial markets, and abiding by the principle of "we are here just for you". We changed our business strategies, transformed our business model, accelerated innovation in products and services, and strived to provide customers with better financial services. By virtue of continuous financial innovation, high-quality customer service, prudent operations, good business performance and a strong sense of social responsibility, CMB has become one of the best brands in China's banking industry.

In 2022, we adhered to the strategic positioning of "One body with Two Wings", while pushing ahead with our development strategy of "becoming the top Chinese commercial bank driving business through innovation, maintaining a leading position in retail banking, and providing characteristic services". In our core retail banking business, we considered MAU (monthly active users) as the most essential performance indicator, and embraced "customer + technology" to form a new competitive advantage in the time of mobile Internet, and create the new 3.0 digital mode for retail finance. In our wholesale banking business, we differentiated our services, built systematic wholesale banking capabilities, sped up digital transformation and achieved high quality development in the wholesale finance business. We were also fully performing our social responsibilities by supporting poverty alleviation, creating a platform for promoting charity, and developing green finance in innovative ways. By doing these, we incorporated the sustainability concept into business development. We joined hands with stakeholders to create and share values, and contribute to sustainable development of the economy, society and environment.

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