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Mortgage Loan Monthly Installment Calculator
CMB provides flexible repayment arrangements and wealth management services. Please call 95555 or go to a CMB branch for information about our customer-tailored financial products.
CMB helps you to improve your quality of life. You can calculate the monthly installments for a mortgage by entering the total loan amount, repayment term, and interest rate.
Repayment mode:
Loan principal: Yuan (RMB)
Term of repayment: Year (1-30)
Annual interest rate: (%)
Number of installments to be calculated: From installment to installment
(Note: Installments are paid on a monthly basis)

Interest rates on personal loans

TermAnnual interest rate
0-6 months (inclusive)4.35%
6 months-1 year (inclusive)4.35%
1 year-3 years (inclusive)4.75%
3-5 years (inclusive)4.75%
5-30 years (inclusive)4.90%
(Effective form 2015-10-24)