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Smart service system
We adhered to an innovation-driven and technology-driven approach, and
promoted the upgrading of products and services from the perspective of customers. In particular, firstly, the Company continuously optimised the customer base structure, reconstructed the customer acquisition combination model of credit card business. At the same time, it constructed a young customer acquisition and operation system
by gaining insight into the needs of young customers and launching the “FIRST Graduate Credit Card” for college graduates. Secondly, it continuously improved the customer payment experience by developing functions such as “One-click Binding” and “One-click Withdrawal”. At the same time, online transaction operation was intensified. Through activities such as “Cashback Rebate” and “10 Yuan Storm”, the Company was able to mobilise a sizeable customer base in a continuous and efficient way. Thirdly, the Company promoted key behaviors of new customers such as card activation, binding and first payment with credit card based on the full-life cycle of users, and in combination with the scenarios of meal coupons and movie tickets, launched the “two-coupon gift” product integrating customer acquisition and operation. Fourthly, the level of intelligent services was enhanced. The Company adhered to a decentralisation strategy of service interaction by taking technology as the driving force, to precisely match customer needs, flexibly connect service channels, and comprehensively improve service interaction efficiency, experience as well as value. In addition, the Company further deepened the operation of the CMB Life APP.
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