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About CMB's Credit Cards
We focused on improving quality and efficiency, and adhering to an innovation-driven and technology-driven approach to ensure the healthy development of credit card business. Details include: under the background of the credit card business shifting from the incremental market to the existing market, active and constant optimisation of the customer base structure, continuous iteration and upgrade in the business capabilities of the teams, and improvement in customer acquisition efficiency; boosting consumption after the pandemic through multiple measures, expanding the business scenarios of “meal coupons” and “movie ticket”, and promoting customer engagement and loyalty through marketing activities such as “10 yuan Storm”, “Free Chicken Leg for Mobile Payment”; strengthening the product competitiveness of credit cards, conducting themed marketing for “Constellation Guardian Credit Card”, launching “Bilibili Co-branded Credit Card”, and building a close connection between our brand and products with young people; adhering to asset structure optimisation and enhancing risk resistance capabilities of assets; promoting the digital transformation of consumer financial products and strengthening the ability to accurately match customer needs; consolidating smart service interaction capabilities, improving the efficiency and quality of interactive channels, optimising the construction of AI scenarios, and improving customer experience. In addition, the Company further deepened the operation of the CMB Life APP platform.
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