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Sunflower VIP hotline
In addition to the CMB 95555 hotline, the Sunflower VIP service provides its own service hotline to deliver superior remote banking services for VIPs:
Banking consultation service
By calling the VIP hotline, you can enjoy a full range of banking consultation services covering business products, financial products, and technical support.
Investment services
Our professional investment team enables you to handle transactions and investments quickly and easily, including remittances, bonds, bridge loans, and telephone payments.
Business travel services
Sunflower VIPs can enjoy a wealth of business travel services including convenient booking services for tickets and hotels.
VIP service reservations
Sunflower VIPs can book our VIP boarding-lounge services and many other outstanding high-value services simply by making a phone call.
Alert services
The Sunflower VIP hotline includes reliable secretarial services such as schedule reminders and message-forwarding to your family and friends on special days.