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JAVA mobile banking
About the product
JAVA mobile banking is a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile banking system developed by CMB for Nokia handset users.
System introduction
Developed based on kjava, JAVA mobile banking provides users with 24-hour self-service banking services. The App requires JAVA-support and the Symbian S60 V3 OS (or later version).
Account holders with an All-in-one card, gold card, Sunflower card or Affinity card can use their card numbers to log in to the JAVA Mobile Banking service in All-in-one card, credit card, or an All-in-one net account mode. Users can check account balances and transaction details, transfer money, change an account password, pay phone bills and other bills, make online payments, and manage investments and forex.
Excellent Security
The system incorporates the X.509 standard digital certificate system and has passed national security certification. Transmission is protected by secure digital signature technology and enhanced encryption technology to verify user ID and protect data transmission and passwords.
Powerful functionality
You can manage multiple cards under one account, and enjoy a full range of wealth management and online personal banking services.
We provide 24-hour online banking services to help you manage your financial life via your mobile phone; for example, you can remit money without specifying the debited account in advance, or enjoy our broad network of partner retailers for a superior shopping experience!
All-in-one card functions include: account balance inquiries, transaction inquiries, password management, inter-card money transfers, remittance, self-service bill payments, online payments, investment and forex management.
Credit card functions include: account management, repayments, card management and bonus point management
The existing services will be improved continuously with new services added in the future. You can use your All-in-one card or All-in-one net account (when associated with an all-in-one card) to set up a direct debit.
Prerequisites and Procedures
You must have a smart phone that runs Symbian S60 V3 (or later) to use the JAVA mobile banking service.
(An upgraded version that supports more systems will be launched in the future)
For All-in-one card/credit card/All-in-one net users
When your phone is connected to the Internet, download the App from the CMB website. Select a login mode and input your account number and password.
JAVA mobile banking has passed signature certification. To obtain the highest access authority, please download JAD and JAR files from the same directory and double click CMBMoibleBank.jad to install the system.
When you run the program for the first time, you need the set the "CMB" program in program management.
Please set the following items as described below:
Access point: choose the primary network access point
Network access: always enabled
User data access: always enabled
User data editing: always enabled
Configuration method for E71 and similar models:
  • a.
    Enter "Program Management"
  • b.
    Choose "CMB"
  • c.
    Click "Options" to display the option menu
  • d.
    Click "Open" to complete the above-mentioned settings
Configuration method for the N97 and similar models:
  • a.
    Enter "Program Management"
  • b.
    Enter "Installed Program"
  • c.
    Choose "CMB"
  • d.
    Click "Options" to display the option menu
  • e.
    Click "Open" to complete the above settings
You can use an All-in-one card, credit card or All-in-one net account to log in to the JAVA mobile banking system.
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