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System introduction
The general edition of Personal Online Banking is an online banking system developed by CMB to provide 24-hour banking services for our customers.
Our customers (including all in one card, golden all in one card and Sunflower and its co-brand and affinity card users) can log in to the CMB Personal Online Banking with their bank card or deposit book account numbers to check their account balances and transaction details, transfer money and revise passwords. Moreover, you can apply for the all in one card (general edition) payment function, pay phone and other bills, buy treasury bonds and apply for personal consumption loans on Personal Online Banking.
Highlights of CMB Personal Online Banking (General Edition)
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    All CMB customers can enjoy the service without make an application.
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    The service is available on a 24/7 basis for our customers.
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    Our website has been certificated by VERISIGN, a global leading network company. The data transmission is highly secure and reliable thanks to the multiple encryption technology.
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    Users do not need to store any personal account or transaction information on their computers, prevent theft of any personal information.
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