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WEB mobile banking
About the product
WEB mobile banking provides mid-range and high-end mobile phone users with superior services than offered by WAP mobile banking.
System introduction
CMB has developed an HTML online mobile banking system to provide 24/7 services for its customers. Developed based on standard web pages, users can enjoy banking services by accessing the CMB online banking system.
Account holders with an All in one card, gold card, Sunflower card or Affinity card can log in to CMB Personal Banking (HTML Version) using their bank card or deposit book account numbers. Users can check account balances and transaction details, transfer money, change passwords, apply for the online payment function, pay phone bills and other bills, buy treasury bonds, and apply for personal loans via Personal Banking (General Edition).
HTML mobile banking incorporates all the regular financial services of the All-in-one card and CMB credit cards:
Account management: All-in-one card and credit card balance inquiries, transaction inquiries, password management, report lost cards, set limits on ATM/POS transactions;
Money transfer: enables transfers between all-in-one cards, credit cards, deposit accounts, accounts with other banks, time and current deposit accounts, securities accounts, and notice deposit accounts;
Investment management: includes fund inquiries, fund subscriptions and redemption, wealth management accounts, securities quotations, buy/sell entrusted financial products, and transfer bank-securities;
Credit card management: manage credit card limits, inquire about transaction details, set repayments, and manage bonus points;
Payment: pay mobile phone bills and other bills;
Foreign exchange management: buy and settle foreign currencies;
Prerequisites and Procedures
Input the following website address on your phone’s browser: Then select "HTML Mobile Banking".
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