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Q: Why can’t I install my card number and password input control on the Windows XP+Service Pack 2 system?
A: On Windows XP+Service Pack 2 and Windows 2003, you can choose whether or not to install this control.
Q: Why does the card number input box display "*"?
A: The download and execution of the ActiveX control are disabled on your browser. You need to enable these operations. In the browser menu, choose Tools ->Internet Options. In the displayed dialog box, choose Security -> Internet -> Custom Level. In the displayed dialog box, choose Reset as Security level – Medium and click Reset.
Q: I cannot log in after following the instructions.
A: CMB login control is not installed. Click here to download and install the CMB login control.
Q: The login interface of the Personal Online Bank (General Edition) is not displayed.
A: The safety link cannot be established between your computer and our server, probably because of an incorrect proxy server setting. If you use a telephone line to connect to the Internet, do not use a proxy server. If you have installed our SSL security proxy, delete it in Add/Remove Programs. If you use a proxy to access to Internet, contact your network administrator to set the proxy server. For IE 5.0, set the proxy server as follows: Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Use a proxy server -> Advanced.
Q: How do I input my account and card numbers correctly?
A: A deposit book account number has 10-digits. You input the account number on the deposit book, and the password has 6-digits. If your all-in-one card number has 12-digits, you only need to input the 8 numbers after the 4-digit region code. The password is a 6-digit number. If your all-in- one card has 16-digits, you need to input all the numbers, and the password is a 6-digit number.
Q: My deposit book has no password. How do I find out the balance through Personal Online Banking (General Edition)?
A: The inquiry function requires that you input the deposit book's password. Therefore, please set a password for your deposit book at the sub-branch where you opened the book.

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