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Online bills
About the product
Based on online corporate banking, we provide a series of online note services including sales note collection, logistics and purchase note settlements and deposits, and the centralized handling and settlement of groups' internal cross-regional commercial notes. Our primary services include:
1. Intra-bank electronic notes: The payer can issue an electronic note to the payee via CMB online corporate banking or through CMB's internal network. The payee can check the note immediately after it is issued.
2. Electronic endorsements: The payee can endorse the note, and forward it to the note holder.
3. Note deposits: The note holder can deposit the physical or electronic note with CMB, and check the note's status and information online.
4. Online business processing: CMB customers can apply for physical and electronic note acceptance, discounts and redemption, collections, physical or electronic note pledging, and the termination of physical note deposits.  

1. Physical notes are deposited at local banks, which is safer and more reliable than cross-regional manual transmission.
2. Notes can be issued and accepted online, which increases efficiency.
3. The note business cycle is shortened, improving note processing efficiency and facilitating cash management.
4. Note handling costs are reduced and profits are increased.
5. Electronic notes have the same functions as physical notes.
6. Innovative electronic payment tools solve e-business processing problems.
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