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Global Cash Management
Based on increasingly integrated resources and the emergence of the global economy, both foreign and Chinese companies are accelerating their strategies for investing in China and operating on a worldwide scale. Competition between enterprises has shifted from competition between individual enterprises into competition between upstream and downstream industries along the supply chain.

Enterprises require working capital management services on a global scale, and convenient global banking channels for opening and monitoring accounts, managing collection and payments, and enabling cash pools, investment, and finance. Globalization also poses a new challenge to Chinese banks: Can they provide globally expanding enterprises with resource-integrated financial services?

As a leader in the cash management industry, CMB’s services cover the demands of enterprises in three areas: internal liquidity control based on accounts and transactions; settlement and financing for upstream and downstream enterprises that cooperate with core enterprises in the supply chain; and investments and added value on short- and mid-term capital.

To meet global fund management demands, CMB created its C+ Global Cash Management product in 2009 to provide offshore and cross-border cash management services in addition to domestic cash management services. With an integrated, global platform for multinationals, CMB assists clients to continuously improve their capital operation capabilities, maximize value, and increase the EVA (Economic Value Added).

The C+ global cash management platform is an innovative, comprehensive system that covers local/foreign currencies and onshore/offshore cash management to reflect global and industry chain-based cash management demands.

I. Distinctive Functions

After optimizing the core service system of the C+ global cash management platform, CMB’s platform integrates the global accounts that serve enterprises’ working capital management systems. The platform covers the full process of cash flow management including opening clients’ accounts, cash inflow (cash collection and short-term financing), capital operations (capital collection, sharing and investments), and cash outflow (cash payments).

In terms of product functions, the C+ global cash management platform integrates functionality to provide global account management, collection and payments, cash pools, and e-banking channels. Configured by parameters and structured based on modules, the system’s functions are as follows:

1. The CMB global account management platform helps clients to open and manage global accounts, and provides various types of account reports.
• Ensures compatibility with all domestic accounts in local and foreign currencies, offshore accounts, CMBHK accounts, CMBNY accounts with CMB, and accounts with overseas’ banking partners.
• Provides efficient e-banking channels to centralize corporate account management and enhance capital control.
• Outputs account reports through multiple channels to maximize capital transparency. 

2. The CMB global collection and payment platform helps clients establish collection and payment modes in line with their operation modes. It provides efficient e-banking tools to shorten receivables cycles, guarantee payment efficiency, and reduce OPEX.
• Supports multiple collection and payment modes adapted to the features of individual and corporate clients.
• Supports operations for single and batch collections and payments, and connects to clients’ internal systems through e-banking channels, such as the bank-enterprise direction connection or SWIFT. Integrating collection and payment processing significantly improves efficiency.
• Restricts external payments to enable budget control and lower financial risks.

3. The global cash pool helps clients build domestic, overseas and cross-border cash pools that meet demands for internal cash collection and sharing, and facilitate short-term investments and financing to reduce financial costs and increase capital gains.
• Provides a unified system for local and foreign currencies and domestic and offshore cash pools
• Enables flexibility and expandability by combining automatic and manual operations to enable capital operations
• Integrates internal capital operations and external short-term investments and financing to reduce capital costs and cash reserves, and increase capital gains. 

4. In addition to counter services, global e-banking helps clients manage their working capital electronically through efficient and convenient e-banking channels such as the online corporate banking system, bank-enterprise direct connection system, and SWIFT.
• Provides convenient and rapid channels.
• Implements complete, secure and reliable risk control measures.
• Connects to clients’ internal systems and integrates working capital management. 

II. Secure and Efficient Channel Support  

Secure channel support provides a fundamental guarantee for client interactions with the C+ global cash management platform. To enable clients manage their working capital electronically, the system provides efficient and convenient e-banking channels such as the online corporate banking system, bank-enterprise direct connections, and SWIFT.

The core service system of the C+ global cash management platform integrates clients’ functional and maintenance operations into one page on the online corporate banking system to simplify operations and boost system efficiency.

In line with the features of different clients’ demands for cash management, CMB’s online corporate banking system features customized editions such as the domestic interbank, domestic offshore, HK, and NY editions to provide full functionality. It also implements secure and reliable risk control features such as the U-key certificate, multi-level reviews, and a robust approval system.

The bank-enterprise direct connection interfaces connect with clients’ internal systems - for example, financial, ERP and treasury management systems - to enable secure and convenient interactions through XML packets. The bank-enterprise direct connection interface supports functions such as account management, payment settlements, cash management and supply chain financing, and provides details of accounts and transactions to facilitate automatic reconciliation.

To meet clients’ demands for overseas account management and payment settlement, CMB provides the SWIFT channel. Through the C+ global cash management platform, clients can inquire and make payments from accounts with offshore banks.

The above three e-banking channels provide clients with global cash management services such as global account monitoring, collection and payments, and cash pools through the C+ global cash management platform. Moreover, the channels connect with clients’ internal financial management software (e.g. ERP, TMS), and integrate with internal review processes. Clients can enable various functions such as global account inquiries, external payments, collections, and fund allocations via cash pools.    

III. Service Support – “we are here just for you”

CMB’s C+ global cash management operates client-centric full-process marketing project management.

A professional team comprising client and product managers facilitate a full-process management system that includes researching client demands, developing solutions, selecting product portfolios, and arranging contracts, which enables clients to implement, operate and maintain their businesses through cash management services such as demand research, policy interpretation, and solution design. 

1. Service team
• Client mangers from sub-branches, product managers, 95555 remote banking, and product managers from HQ
• A designated team comprising staff from project management, business solutions, customer relationships, and R&D guarantees the quality of project implementation on behalf of clients.

2. Services
• Consultation: standardized business and industry solutions; customized solutions according to clients’ individual circumstances; advice on account management, collection and payments; the implementation of cash pool and e-banking system solutions
• Implementation: facilitating agreements, installing the system, testing connections, providing training for system operations
• Operation & maintenance: user help, query response, troubleshooting, customer service reviews 

Multinationals and domestic businesses
Domestic market based and globally expanding companies
Concentration and synergy
CMB delivers E-banking channels and innovative products
Setting sail for successful global cash management!

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