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Cross-bank Solution for Cash Management (CBS 4)
I. Product Overview

Combining CMB’s strengths and experience in cash management, the Cross-bank Solution for Cash Management (CBS) is a CMB-developed system designed to help corporations meet cash and treasury management needs.

Evolved from the previous version, CBS4 features 3 additional functional modules, 60 new functions, and 77 improvements. The system supports treasury management functions with 16 functional modules that include transaction settlements, fund data statement customization, fund monitoring, internal fund transfer pricing, and management modules for accounts, liquidity, budgets, internal credit, internal accounts, bills, L/Cs, and investment and wealth.

II. Function List of CBS4

System Function

Functional Configuration


Compared to existing system

System Management

Online login

Secure login based on a digital certificate



Secure signoff

One-click signoff, secure and fast



System configuration

Preference configuration, e.g. communication, interface, operation



Password modification

Periodical prompt of password modification for password security



User privilege management

Manage system users and assign data and operation privileges to the users



Cash pool settings

Set cash pools of different levels



Log inquiry

Inquire on various logs


Common Setup

Basic settings

Basic settings such as interest rate, purpose



Client Management

Maintain and manage information about member companies, banks and common clients



Approval settings

Set approval process of each service



Notification management

Edit, manage and send system service messages, matters entrusted, etc.


Bank Account Management

Bank Account Management

Basic information management of the bank accounts of the group and all members (registration, modification, maintenance, etc.)



Inquiry on various bank accounts

Inquire on real-time balances, history balances and history/daily details of various bank accounts



Inquiry on term/notice deposits with banks

Inquire on account information of term and notice deposits of enterprises with various banks



Internal pricing inquiry

Inquire on pricing results of internal fund transfers



Management of bank transaction details

Complement and import bank transaction details, handle special matters


Internal Account Management

Internal account management

Open internal accounts for enterprises and associate them with external bank accounts, and implement internal pricing



Internal account service

Member enterprises can receive services for internal term, demand notice deposit deposits.



Internal account book-keeping management

Perform transactions based on internal accounts, and associate them automatically with bank transactions



Internal account inquiry, review, interest settlement and voucher processing

Inquiry, review, interest settlement, voucher printing, etc. on internal accounts


Transaction Settlement

Various payment settlement services

Perform external payment, bank fund allotment, internal transfer, payoff, tax withholding of various banks



Cash pool liquidity management

Define conditions for automatic fund appropriation, manage cash pools



Bank bill printing

Support counter services, print checks, drafts, etc.



Status management and cancellation of payment through direction connection

Inquire on and manage the payment status through direct connection with banks



Special processing of ERP-based payment

Perform special management of payment data received from ERP systems and make payments, customization required


Internal Lending

Internal lending contract management

Conclude internal lending contracts and manage related information



Internal lending handling

Refer to the pre-loan, loan and post-loan management of commercial banks, fund release, repayment and extension



Handling, review and withdrawal of internal loan applications

Manage loan approval



Interest rate estimation of internal loans

Estimate, tentatively calculate interest rates of internal loans


Bank Financing

Banks’ lending account registration management

Manage financing activities of various banks in a centralized manner



Registration of general loans, guarantees, securities and limits

Support basic financing services, and introduce new services



Review of various registrations

Relevant reviews



Comprehensive inquiry on bank financing services

Corresponding comprehensive inquires



Initial budget maintenance

Establish the initial budget system and manage budget details



Input and maintenance of budgets

Input budgets and apply for budgeted expenses for each period



Budget adjustment

Increase/decrease limits during the budget implementation



Budget approval and inquiry

Approve budgets and inquire on limits for each stage



Match between actual receipts and payments and budgets

Match the actual receipt and payment accounts with budgets


Bill Management

Registration of banks’ bills receivable

Manage enterprises’ bills received by banks, including bank bills, commercial bills, and PBoC e-bills



Banks’ bills receivable management

Manage the discount, endorsement, pledge and collection of bills received



Registration of banks’ bills payable

Manage enterprises’ bills issued by banks, including bank bills, commercial bills, and PBoC e-bills



Banks’ bills payment management

Manage payment of bills falling due



Bill pool management

Manage positions of bill pools based on bills receivable and payable data, prompt of due date, statistics an analysis



ECD issuance application

Member companies apply for ECD issuance



ECD issuance approval

Internal approval of member companies application for ECD issuance



Online ECD issuance handling

Issue and register ECD



ECD batch issuance

Issue and register ECD by batch



ECD acceptance prompt

Prompt acceptance of ECD



ECD collection prompt

Prompt payment collection



ECD universal reply

Universal reply of the ECD system



ECD online guarantee application

Apply for guarantees



ECD online service approval

Approve ECD services



ECD service cancellation

Cancel ECD services



ECD transaction inquiry

Inquire on ECD transactions



Comprehensive ECD inquiry

Inquire on ECD information, bills payable and auto-transactions


L/C Management

L/C issuance management

Register L/C issuance, payment and clearance, maintain L/C information



L/C transaction re-handling

Re-handle relevant transactions



L/C transaction review

Relevant reviews



L/C transaction cancellation

Cancel transactions



Deletion of L/C transaction cancellation

Delete transaction cancellation



Review of L/C transaction cancellation

Review transaction cancellation



L/C inquiry

Comprehensive inquiry on various L/C information



L/C transaction inquiry

Inquire on various L/C transactions


Fund Monitoring Center

Inquiry on monitored transaction details

Inquire on the details of set monitored transactions



Maintenance of monitored transaction details

Label and maintain relevant monitoring information



Real-time inquiry on monitoring details

Inquire on monitoring information in real time



Inquiry on monitoring details statistics

Statistics and analysis on monitoring details



Real-time approval of monitoring details

Approve monitoring information in real time



Fund monitoring settings management

Manage various monitoring condition settings



Re-generation of monitoring information

Re-generate monitoring information


Investment and wealth management

Management of products of investment and wealth management

Register and manage securities, funds, futures and banks‘ wealth management products, maintain prices and market capitalization



Management of transactions of investment and wealth management

Manage the transactions of various investment and wealth management, such as buy, sell and others



Inquire on investment and wealth management information

Inquire on positions, transactions, and general information



Online transaction of CMB’s wealth management products

Buy and sell CMB’s wealth management products online


Statistical Report

Report center

Customize reports for enterprises



Graphic report

Reports requiring graphic processing



Common capital reports

Default basic capital reports



Special reports

Special reports for reference by enterprises


Bank-Enterprise Direct Connection

Console of bank-enterprise direction connection

Administrators use consoles to enable banks’ direct connection interfaces.



Parameter settings and management for bank-enterprise direction connection

Configure banks’ direct connection interfaces and manage parameters of auto-triggered services



Operation of direct connection instructions

Send banks’ direct connection inquiry instructions manually or automatically



Inquiry on banks’ common parameters

Inquire on common parameters for direction connection with banks



Inquiry on banks’ original details

Inquire on banks’ daily and history details


Connection to ERP System

Parameter configuration for connection with ERP system

Manage the interface parameters for connection with enterprises’ own ERP systems



Settings and modification of payment data exchange

Manually trigger or automatically and periodically process the exchange of payment data



Settings and modification of payoff and tax withholding data exchange

Manually trigger or automatically and periodically process the exchange of payoff and tax withholding data



Data exchange of history/daily details

Manually trigger or automatically and periodically process the exchange of bank transaction details



Data exchange of account balances

Manually trigger or automatically and periodically process the data exchange of bank account balances



Manual data export

Export manually relevant file information



Exported data management

Export payment settlement data, enterprise information, bank numbers, internal account balances and transactions


System Help

Online upgrading

In the new version, the system asks whether to upgrade. The new version is compatible with old versions.



Help file

Detailed online help file provides using instructions and troubleshooting information.



Version description

Describe current version (version number, date issued, etc.)






III. Feature Functions
Based on CBS3.0, CBS4 incorporates a host of distinctive functions such as L/C management and the fund monitoring center.

1. L/C management
CBS4’s newly added centralized L/C management function enables corporate users to register quickly and efficiently through a strong and simple authorization system, and implement a considerably simpler and more effective L/C management process.

2. Fund monitoring center
Corporations can use the management module of the fund monitoring center to customize monitoring and management for each transaction. Powerful alarm and prompt notifications enable precise management, while graphically displayed reports give a clear understanding of various statuses after analysis by the system’s rapid inquiry modules.

3. Investment and wealth management
CBS4's new investment and wealth management module covers securities, funds, futures, banks’ wealth management products, trust products and insurance. Delivering effortless management procedures, the system  supports the online businesses of the smart cash pool, smart notice deposits, and Fortune investment products to ensure immediate wealth management investments can be made.

4. Internal account management
The CBS4’s new payment function embedded in the internal account management module meets the flexible payment requirements of member companies with highly concentrated funds. Member companies simply need to operate internal accounts to meet daily settlement demands. For improved and more precise functionality, an account core has been added to the internal account module.

5. Bill management
The new bill management function optimizes and improves the management of the “bill pool”. Location management has been added to the paper bill management functions, all received e-bills can be queried, and CMB's e-bill ECD business can be performed online, including ECD issuance, acceptance prompts, and collection prompts. The review approval process can be customized.

6. Interconnection with ERP system
To deliver data exchange with ERP systems, the CBS4 can be customized to match the features of a corporation’s ERP system and connect with the different ERP systems of member companies. There are now additional connection solutions - including file-based, semi-automated and automated - to adapt to user needs. CBS4 can connect review streams, and the connectable data types have extended from the basic data of balances, transactions, and payments to CBS system data including account information, company information, correspondent bank numbers, and bank numbers.

7. Budget management
The new budget management module provides more flexible and customizable budget periods; for example, daily, weekly, ten-day, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. The accurate overspend control function and full parameterization optimizes budget control precision and flexibility.

8. Graphical reports
The graphical report module has been improved to provide more diverse and flexible formats in forms or pop-up windows.

V. New Technical Features
  • ·
    The cross-bank exchange center adopts more efficient data integration and exchange technology to process business interactions with other banks based on the existing bank-enterprise direct connection platform. The new trigger-response mechanism reduces response times by 30 Percent, and data interaction between CBS4 and other banks is more efficient and stable.
  • ·
    By connecting the CBS4 and CMB host, CMB's businesses are processed through CBS4 instead of direct channels to realize real-time data interaction and business processing.
  • ·
    CBS4 provides common standard interfaces for connecting clients and commercial banks. The standard interfaces for banks enable emerging city commercial banks and their third-party payment institutions to connect to the CBS. Unified standards and specifications accelerate access and improve security.
  • ·
    CBS4 applies mature cloud storage technologies. Remote application by clients is more secure and stable, especially in terms of hosting and disaster recovery.
VI. Scope of Application
1. Corporations with or without a settlement center that operate as a settlement center;
2. Medium and large corporations with mature financial management procedures and fund management networks, and high requirements on information systems.
3. Various enterprises and public institutions with cross-bank cash management demands.

VII. Product Pricing
1. Direct pricing: software expenses, project expenses, software maintenance fees, system hosting fees (consult your local CMB offices for details)
2. Indirect benefits: cooperation between banks and enterprises

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