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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Adhering to the social responsibility concept of "coming from society, repaying society", China Merchants Bank has actively participated in public welfareundertakings, and disseminated the concept of corporate citizenship in poverty alleviation, education, environmental protection, public health and other fields. The bank has won the recognition of all walks of life, and obtained many awards, such as "Best Corporate Social Responsibility", "Most Respected Enterprise in China", "Award for Outstanding Contributions to Chinese Children’s Charity ", and "Low Carbon Model Enterprise in China".

By implementing national macroeconomic policies andaccelerating management changes, we improve the ability to create sustainable value, speed up the growth of "small and micro enterprises" and innovative enterprises, expand employment opportunities, and promote the economic and social development. Through continuous innovation of products and services and improved service ability, we provide customers with better services. We improve green credit business, strengthen green creditsupport, carryout green operation and green public welfare, and lead green financial innovation, thereby promoting the development of green economy. With unimpeded career growth channel for employees, we attach great importance to improving staff capacity, create a good working environment, and promote the common growth of employees and the bank. By deepening the concept of social responsibility, we carry out social public welfare undertakings, participate in community construction, actively repay society, and become an outstanding corporate citizen.

For more details, please read theChina Merchants Bank Social Responsibility Report for 2018.